We Help Create Living Comfort.

We have developed many solutions that favor the creation of increasingly eco-friendly, healthy buildings

Today we are much more focused on quality than we were before, and not just the quality of what we eat but also of what we breathe.

We would like for the air we breathe indoors to be clean. The mortars, paints and varnishes used to coat and to colour walls can release polluting volatile substances, known as VOCs.

Being very careful about our health, we are strongly involved in the production of additives to minimize the problem, so we support customers and markets with the most compliant water-based products range for the construction industry.
Our first Sustainability Report goes in this compulsory direction: it describes the efforts that the company is making to effectively support customers and suppliers with innovative solutions that can bypass any limitations that may come into effect in the not too distant future (for example, restrictions on the use of micro-plastics, titanium oxide, particular classes of biocides and substances that can be classified as reprotoxic).

We create your healthy dimension for the better life of ourself and of the future generation.