The transversality of our products allows us to find the application of our solutions in different industrial fields.

We develop a unique product line based on natural sources

That approach is ingeniously applied in Gypsum & Cement base dry mix, gypsum plasterboard, cement boards and ready mix solutions for wet systems, since it could be used as a solution to change industrial characteristics and to achieve some decorative effects as well. 

Our commitment to sustainable development at corporate level and innovative R&D supports the development of bio-building products that contribute to the greenhouse gases reduction and usage of natural polymers to preserve the indoor environment. 

We developed the whole unique product line that consists of ESACOL®, ESA-ONE®,  ESAMID,  ESAPON and DEFOMEX additives, most of them composed by natural sources, such as our Guar Gum and Starch.

Plasters, skim coats, joint fillers, tile adhesives, coloured renderings, self levelling floorings, waterproofing plasterboards and putties are the main application fields where our specialties have been applied in the dry mix mortar and pasty systems market.

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