Water Retentive Agents and Rheology Modifiers 

ESACOL® is our unique sustainable Guar Gum derivative with water retention capability.

The addition of ESACOL® into cementitious and gypsum base mortars, or as thickener for pasty systems, effectively extends the open time, drying and correction time of the finished products even in severe climate conditions with required presence of highly absorbing substrates. Its pseudoplastic behaviour simplifies the application of mortars and plasters, minimizing the efforts of manpower and maximizing the daily productivity per sq.m.

As booster for siloxane derivatives, the main properties of  ESACOL® are: reduction of the siloxane dosage in ½ times; boosting distribution of siloxane in mass and on the surface improving the water repellency, reduction of silica by product dust during production and it is suitable for classic natural and synthetic gypsum sub product. ESACOL® is made of Guar Gum, sustainable material from vegetal origin (content > 80%). It limits the risk of possible dihydrogen emissions, and simplifies the recycling of defective boards.