The story continues with new actors and plot twists! 

The second version of the new brochure of the ESACOL®, ESA-ONE®, and Additives is now available for free download.

Formulations for building coatings want to meet, day by day, the challenging and performing international standards to respond effectively to the sudden climate changes and the environmental and sustainability regulations required by an increasing number of world citizens.

Lamberti, thanks to its Research and Development team on products and applications for Dry Mix and Pasty Systems based on cement, gypsum, mineral fillers, and resins, enthusiastically takes up these challenges, proposing and developing, with continuous improvement, new polymers, and solutions in line with the needs of the construction market and the certifications involved.

The second version of the brochure, therefore, contains the updated range of the water retentive agents, the rheology modifiers, the compounds, and the complementary additives belonging to the ESACOL®, ESA-ONE®, Esamid, Esapon, Defomex, and Esatec family, is proposed as the natural 2nd step of this challenging path.

This second version of the new brochure is enriched with new products and a new matrix in which the developed solutions find their best place depending on the end-use application (Gypsum, Cement, and Pasty Systems).

The new brochure of the Esacol®, Esa-One®, and Additives is available now for free download.