First chapter was a success! The story continues 

The new brochure of the Interior Plasters, with formulation guidelines included, is now available.

Plasters are building materials used for the protective and/or decorative coating of walls and ceilings. Gypsum-based mortarsjoint compoundsfillersleveling, and finishing plasters are widely used to prepare the surfaces of our houses, offices, and buildings before painting and are considered the most common types of plasters currently in use.

Thanks to its in-depth experience in this field, Lamberti offers the widest range of additives and compounds, such as Esacol®EsamidEsatecEsaponCarbocel®, Defomex, and Esa-One® that can drive formulators to set the parameters of their plaster formulations effectively.

All our products, based today only on High Sustainable Natural and Synthetic polymer derivatives, properly balanced in each formulation, introduce the right demand of Water RetentionRheological BehaviourThickening EffectSetting and Open TimeAdhesion and filling properties, creating performing plasters with high mechanical resistance, smooth surfaces and absence of cracks and holes over the time. 

Discover more about the use of Lamberti additives for Dry Mortars and Pasty Systems by downloading the new brochure of Interior Plasterswith many examples of formulation guidelines based on additives & premixes ready to use.